Hey guys I'm from Crop Drop, a community-focused veg-bag scheme supplying locally sourced, delicious organic vegetables to the local Haringey community.

Prices start from just £8 per week and all of our produce is 100% organic. We're also constantly working on sourcing some of our produce from urban growers as part of our effort to contribute to the local sustainable food community.

The scheme works like this; every Thursday we put together a bag of delicious organic vegetables for you using the best available produce sourced from farms as close to Haringey as possible.

Then from Thursday evening, you collect your bag from a pick up point in the most convinient location to you. Our pick up points are currently based in Crouch End, Wood Green and Finsbury Park. If there's enough interest in Tottenham then we could set one up there too.

Crop Drop launches next month and we're looking for as many people who are interested to get involved. As a small social enterprise with ambitions to contribute towards a fairer more sustainable local food economy, we need customers before we can make anything happen.

So please, check out our website http://cropdrop.veg-box.org or just reply below and I'll be happy to supply you with more info.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to having a chat in the forum!

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