Please have a read of the article in today's Standard about regenerating Tottenham.

Amongst the repetition of Haringey Council's regeneration propaganda that it will all be brilliant and nonsense claims such as 'fixing Tottenham’s ladder and re-engineering its DNA', even this article finally accepts that 'Architecture alone will not shape a riot-free Tottenham or create a ladder out of poverty'. Even Cllr Strickland agrees that 'Good-quality buildings and places won’t solve social problems'. Yet, he still proceeds with selling Tottenham as the plaything of international property investors and re-drawing the community like social-cleansers before him have done.

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Sadly it does come across as propaganda doesn't it? Whilst some regeneration is probably welcome I can't help thinking there will be wholesale booting out of good businesses along with a swathe of creative folk who are here because they can afford the rent. It all makes me quite uneasy.
Agreed. Communities regenerate all the time, London has been doing so since time immemorial. However, there's a difference between regeneration and plantation.

Jonathan, Joe,

Thanks for your comments. You might be interested in the article in today's Standard about a new report by Prince of Wales housing charity that says London under assault from “faceless” towers and “poorly conceived” mega-developments. And warns against the trend for 'glittering towers of exclusivity'.

I love the architecture along the High Road and Bruce Grove, and the small businesses. I only moved in a couple of weeks ago and already love the whole area. This seems to be one of the few remaining areas in London that is not pretending to be something or other. Would be good to have more job opportunities I'm sure, but not by selling the place.

Firstly, welcome to Tottenham Catherine, there's loads of cool stuff going on all around the area right now., Tottenham Life is a good place to start plugging into some vibrant and thoughtful networks. Keep checking back here. The High Road is a great place to start but delve a little and you'll discover lots of hidden gems just off the main drag.

Thanks. Very happy to be here. Although I'm new here, I have roots in Tottenham. My great aunt had a shop on the corner of High Road and Bruce Grove from about 1920 to 1940 and my mum was born in Earlsmead Rd. So that helps me feel at home, but even without that my new neighbours are the friendliest I've ever known anywhere. Anyway, that's all off topic. I do hope Tottenham's character is not destroyed in this renovation.


The community's love for the architecture is stated in the report of the Tottenham's Future survey. One of the findings is that people want the renovating of historic buildings and bringing
them back into use.

You might be interested to learn that there is a Tottenham Area Advisory Committee lobbying to save and restore the historical heritage. Details from:

Thanks Martin - will look at that.


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