The main funder was of course the Haringey taxpayer who paid the £22,072.24 total cost of the Council participating in the MIPIM gathering in Cannes.

The spend breaks down as:

Cost of exhibiting at MIPIM - £18,827.24
Lyn Garner and Cllr Strickland accommodation costs - £1,731
Lyn Garner and Cllr Strickland travel costs - £1,514

Some of the expenditure was covered by sponsorship of £13,000 by the following companies:

Granger - £3,500
Spurs - £3,500
Trowers and Hamlyn LLP - £2,000
Lea Valley Estates - £2,000
Hermes - £2,000

Therefore the Council had to spend £9,072.24 in excess of sponsorship income.

The council report proposing going to Cannes claimed:

'Cots are expected to be not more than £20,000.'


'The Council will recoup all of its costs for MIPIM through sponsorship from partners.'

Commenting on the proposal, the Chief Finance Officer said:

'The risk of failure to secure sponsorship is low, however, if this is the case then any shortfall will need to be met from wider Departmental budgets.'

And that is what happened. Money has been taken from other budgets to pay for Lyn Garner and Cllr Strickland to go to Cannes to sell Tottenham.

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How generous of all the sponsors.

Am I remembering correctly that the council gave Granger about £1m in connection with Wards' Corner, and gave up on collecting all the originally agreed Section 106 money from Lee Valley Estates for the Tottenham "Hale Village" development?

(I saw the "£1bn regeneration" figure put in another appearance in an Evening Standard article the other day. Did whoever did the sums include all the promised amounts that never materialise, and all the money that leaves the area as profits to shareholders, I wonder?)

I am sure the sponsors consider it good value for money.

Perhaps you could make a Freedom of Information request to get the details of the Granger money? But I do know that the Hale village development was late in paying the fist instalments of the S106 money and then a deal was done to let them off the full amount set out in the original deal. Perhaps time for an FOI on that?

The £1bn for Tottenham claim has been much used. While many are sceptical about it being true, Councillor Alan Strickland believes it is not a contentious claim. Speaking at the Tottenham Takeover event at the V&A he claimed it was 'nearly £2bn'.

Anyway, here is the information provided by Haringey Council when asked to justify the £1bn claim.

Re: Freedom of Information Act Request ref: LBH/2478413

Thank you for your request for information received on 05 December 2013, in which you asked for the following information:

Please can you provide detail on the £1billion of funding that the Tottenham's future survey claims is coming to Tottenham?

My response is as follows:

The figure of £1bn investment sets the context and scale of potential incoming investment into the regeneration programme for Tottenham. It is referenced in A Plan for Tottenham (published in 2012) and in the materials to publicise the Tottenham’s Future events. The £1bn is not a single grant, loan or guarantee, but is in fact an aggregation of the current best estimated value of all proposed infrastructure investments, grants and anticipated private sector leverage. The specific figure of £1bn been derived from the key announcements below (including details of the sources of funding), but in real terms £1bn is an estimate and actual investment may exceed that.

• £75m investment in the West Anglia Main Line (Funding is grant from the Department for Transport, TFL and Network Rail)

• £90m investment to electrify the Barking - Gospel Oak London Overground Line (funding is grant from the Department for Transport, TFL and Network Rail)

• £40m investment in Tottenham Hale Gyratory (funding is grant from TFL and match funding from the Council)

• £41m Tottenham Regeneration Programme investment including Growth on the High Road projects in Bruce Grove and Tottenham Green (Funding is grant from the GLA and match funding from the Council and other sources, full details of which can be found in the Cabinet report of 7th February 2012)

• £20m for Tottenham Hale station (funding is grant from TFL)

• The £700m or so in private sector development value (this an estimated based on assumed development values of THFC, Hale Village, Lawrence Road, Wards Corner, Brook House and others)

The £500m of borrowing guarantees announced in the government spending review earlier this year will be used to underwrite borrowing for infrastructure, housing and commercial projects on terms that are yet to be agreed.


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