Tottenham's Alleyways. East Side of Tottenham High Road through to Stoneleigh Road - Bruce Grove

Last autumn the Friends of Down Lane Park won funding from a Design Council scheme to run a public consultation about improving the alleys links from Stoneleigh Road to the High Road.

he aim is to change the alleys from dark and intimidating places to safer and more attractive routes for people. The Friends award was the only London winner, and one of  just 11 nationally, and meant the group could employ community change specialists Clear Village to support them.

The consultation has been a great success; involving 350 people through street interviews and consultation events in an empty High Road shop unit. The generated idea have been a mixture of practical solutions to concerns about safety and very creative ambitions to make the alleys prettier public places.

Although the project ends in early April, the good news is that the Council's local regeneration group have indicated that it will fund up to £200K of improvements based on the Alleys Project. The task now for the Friends of Down Lane Park is to keep lobbying for community-led change to come to Tottenham.

Further information can be found at and you can contact the Friends group via

Please go on the site and tell us what you think. 

Martin Ball (Chair, Friends of Down Lane Park)

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