Novermber 2015 round-up of Tottenham community news

The below update on recent Tottenham news was circulated to the Tuesday 18th November 2015 meeting of the Dowsett Estate Residents Association, held at the church hall on Mitchley Road N17.

What’s been happening recently?

Works on Holcombe Market

The big news is that the council has finally got round to signing a contract for the Holcombe Market. Three and a half years ago the Council pledged to improve the market one of the '12 in 2012' pledges. The works begin in January 2016 and will take 26 weeks.

Abert Place & Brook Street

Local residents succeeded in getting the Council to improve ‘yellow’ Albert Place. We now have a further opportunity to improve the area as the council are planning to spend some money on Brook Street. Well, only £32,000. Local Residents developed a vision for Brook Street, Stoneleigh Court alley and Factory Lane in the Ally Links project, and we must campaign for this.


The new Chickentown restaurant has opened on Tottenham Green - thanks to CONEL relocating previous tenant Efriba Arts children’s charity. Chickentown is now serving ‘healthy’ fried chicken as part of the council's Obesity Alliance. Their much promoted junior special healthy option targeted at teenagers will be available 3-5pm. 

Opportunity Investment Fund spending

The £300k is part of the Opportunity Investment Fund of £3.5m that the council set up with post riots funding. This fund has also given £100k to a company called Mill Co to establish business units at Gaunston House Markfield Road. Mill Co has a modest rent lease of 5 Ashley Road – owned by the council. – and have opened as the Styx Barm who recently had a tongue-in-cheek Lidl party.

John McAslan Architects

There is no public news if the pilot N17 Studio will continue. This originally got funding of £181,548.

Enforcement on Waste in Stoneleigh Alley

The Stoneleigh Road area has recently been the target of a big operation by the council's Tactical Enforcement Team. This resulted in a mattress that had been on the roof of a building for one month being removed. Swifter action followed residents lobbying the Chief Executive of Shoe Zone to get a clean up of Stoneleigh alley. Amongst the rubbish the council failed to get removed for a month was a squashed dead rat.

Cans - BT flower-bed in Dowsett Road

Another resident lobby has resulted in BT taking action to clean up the empty cans trough on Dowsett Road. They have erected Harras fencing as a temporary measure until they agree with the council how re-design will remove the low wall people sit on. Let us take this spirit of successful local activism into the CPZ consultation.

Cannes - Cocktails on the French Riviera

The council's regeneration agenda is hotting up and £30k will be spent on going to the gathering of property developers in Cannes in March 2016.

Green Road Link Severed

There is an information event on Sat 28th November to update on the plans for our area. It appears the Green Road Link has been scrapped

Developer Threats to Residents’ Homes

The Draft of the developer plans for all Haringey is published and will go to public consultation in December - January. There are threats to demolish Reynardson Court on the High Road next to the police station, and the continued threat to Tamar Way has not yet been formally scrapped.

Tower Blocks planned

The likely tower on the old Welbourne Centre site seems to get higher every time a developer asks for more. We have 35 storeys proposed at Spurs and another tower at Apex House.

The as yet hidden plans to create a new town centre around Tottenham Hale station will result in the area being a building site for years to come. A start has been made on the proposed 75 tower blocks with a new Premier Inn hotel on Station Road, and proposed compulsory purchase of the BP station.

Hope for our future

But let's take heart with the news that Holcombe Market will be improved, that we have a chance to improve Brook Street, and that lobbying does result in improvements benefiting local people. 

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